Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project Link: Scrap Hearts by Elizabeth Cat

I spend so much time in the crafty crochet blogosphere, I don't usually remember how I found this idea or that.  However, I did make note of the source of this incredible find.  Sarah's Sweethearts is a fun fiber blog with a classic, vintage sensibility. 

It was through her sidebar that I found the incredible blog entitled By Elizabeth Cat.  Full of colorful, inspirational photo collages and tasteful crafts, the blog quickly became a favorite!  When I saw this project, I knew I wanted to blog it!

Photo used with permission of Elizabeth Cat | All Rights Reserved
Yarn crafters spend hours selecting yarn and working on projects.  Over that time the yarn becomes a part of your memory.  You may keep the project or you may give it away, but once the yarn is gone, it's gone.  Artisan yarns are dyed in lots, and you may never get that exact color and fiber combination ever again.  In addition, we don't like wasting things, and I think almost every yarn crafter has a "scrap jar" or some other such receptacle in which to store the little ends snipped after they are lovingly woven into the finished object.

Of course that begs the question, "What can one do with these pretty scraps?"  That all depends upon their length, but Elizabeth has come up with a completely original way to display these ends and decorate simultaneously.

What a beautiful way to ornament your home while remembering your previous projects!  There are more shapes, directions, and display ideas on Elizabeth's blog.  I could even see these used as gift toppers, or made in color families for a different effect.

Definitely check Elizabeth Cat out for some amazing crochet eye-candy as well. I always do!