Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learn about Designing Yarn with the YarnCraft Podcast!

Hey everyone! Oops! I'm a bit late on this one, as the newest episode of YarnCraft has already been released, but I had to mention that my question was answered on the April 26, 2011 episode of the very cool podcast.  When they are talking about Cami M-C-C (in the very first moments of the show), they are talking about me.  I would pronounce it Cami Mic-Cee, but who's counting?

I have been a loyal listener of YarnCraft for quite a long time!  The hosts are Liz and Zontee, who both have exciting jobs in the Lion Brand company. My question is answered in the first segment after the intro (approx. 5:18)!  I was asking about Liz's background and the work she does.  I heard that she was a designer, and since I am a big fan of the Lion Brand patterns, I wanted to see if she had designed any.  She didn't mention any patterns by name, but apparently she DOES have some sweaters in the collection!

Mmm. Yarn.  Image from
Liz went on to explain her job and how she develops the products and yarn lines.  I think that's so interesting.  You've got to love textile production.  Well, if you're from my family, you do! 

She explained how fiber content dictates how a yarn will be used.  Considering a fiber's properties, like whether it is feltable, washable, absorbent, or if it has a certain drape, will determine its use.  Even among acrylic fibers, there is great variance when it comes to the shiny-matte spectrum, and also differences in the construction of the yarn itself.  She went on to discuss how plies contribute to stitch definition and whether or not a piece will keep its shape.  The construction combined with the fiber content will determine how well a yarn performs.  All of this is very important to a hard-core yarn crafter.

I bet you didn't think about all that goes into designing a simple ball of Vanna's Choice, did you?

Liz and her team watch the trends when it comes to yarn weights.  Did you notice how bulky and super-bulky were very "in" for winter 2010-2011?  I've noticed that the Lion Brand patterns have definitely picked up that trend.  I'm sure it will be on trend again for this coming winter, too.

This is a very interesting episode of YarnCraft, which is a podcast that I truly adore.  I'm always looking forward to the next one.  If you're not into podcasts yet, what are you waiting for?  Download iTunes and get started searching and downloading!  (You don't need an iPod to listen. I don't have one!)