Sunday, October 3, 2010

World Card-Making Day Results & Love My Tapes

Here is the result of my World Card-Making Day adventure!

What do you think?

I simply followed Christine's instructions and added a couple of paper flowers with snaps.  I have to say- I love the result!  These cards are just as easy and beautiful as Christine says.  By the way, I used my Westcott Non-Stick Titanium scissors, which I won at CHA Chicago to cut the washi tape.  They're perfect for this project!

I bought the washi tape at CHA Chicago as well, from LoveMyTapes.Com.  I was really happy to see them, because it was one of my goals to find some washi tape while in Chicago.  The guys at the booth couldn't have been nicer.  In addition to washi tape, they sold fabric tape, which Christine from Scraptime also reviewed on her podcast.  You should really check out her review.  It's got some great project ideas! 

Here are two project ideas for fabric tape, as displayed at the Love My Tapes booth.

Another interesting product they carried was this Fabric Paper.  This has great die cut machine possibilities!