Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In a Pinch Hangtags Tutorial

Want to have a better than average garage sale?  Well, I did and I knew that the regular price tags wouldn’t do on the pretty handbags and other items I had for sale.  I was going to buy the hangtags, but honestly, after searching at two stores, I just didn’t have more time to go out there and get them.  When I figured it out, I realized that I could make a bunch of eco-friendly hangtags in just a few minutes.

The concept for this project is incredibly simple.  If you think another material can be substituted, IT CAN! 

  • Some old packaging (like a cereal box) with at least one side free for writing
  • A pin or a pushpin
  • A tapestry needle
  • Some string or heavy thread
  • Scissors
1.       Cut up the box in any size or shape you want.  I opted for tags large enough to hold a description and price.

2.       Using the pin, poke a hole in the top of each tag.

3.       Thread the tapestry needle with the string.  Keep the string attached to the spool or ball.
4.       Line up all of your tags onto the tapestry needle.

5.       Ease the tags onto the string.  You can line up as many of these as you want.
6.       With one tag pulled out about 4" from the end of the string, measure out a length of string that seems about the right length for a hangtag.
7.       Snip the string for that tag.
8.       Tie a knot at the top.
Now your tags are ready for use!

 I know this project is pretty elementary, but seriously, how much do those hangtags cost?  If you’re going out only for those, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money.  It takes only a few minutes to make these.  It’s a quick and useful craft.  It can also be modified into beautiful gift tags.