Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FUSION! Marta Carmela

I was so tempted to use this image as my blog header. The necklaces crafted by Marta Carmela are made from recycled t-shirts and wrapped with string until they resemble something truly stunning. As you can tell, I doctored the image quite a bit, but the essence of the necklaces comes through beautifully.

These are made from recycled jeans.

Her crocheted wire forms are structured yet soft. I'd seen them before in a boutique and marveled at the simplicity & complexity. The idea of using fine wire to crochet a permeable egg shape speaks to the strength of that which is feminine. Perhaps it's the duality that attracts me to them. I adore this designer.


I saw a woman wearing the one of these necklaces and chased her through the fair to ask her where she got it. They look STUNNING on!

You can visit Marta Carmela online to learn about these and her other artistic works. Her items can be purchased at Habito on Masaryk in Polanco.

Thank you for joining me on my tour through Fusion Bazaar. I hope you've been as inspired by these local artisans as I have.