Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reflection on Fashion of This Decade

These past five years, I haven't seen any pervasive style in fashion (off the runway, on the street) that defines this decade. In the early 2000's we had all the white, silver, and black vinyl, but that was really just late nineties spillover. Here's a list of videos that show what I'm talking about:

Millenial Videos - He Wasn't Man Enough For Me - It's Not Right But It's OK - No Scrubs - What's It Gonna Be? - If You Had My Love

You might be saying- 'Uh, hello, Cami? What about DIY!?' I'm thinking about it, but is it pervasive in popular culture, not just on the fringes where we revel?

I've noticed some little things like the really cool T-Shirts with necklaces or other intricate designs printed on them. Also big stores are carrying shirts with embroidery and reverse applique. But I don't think that T-shirts alone constitute the style of a decade.

Am I missing something? Open my eyes, please!

PS- Deliver us from all skinny jeans.