Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My New Set

Saturday morning I was preparing my breakfast and enjoying the stress-free feeling. I wanted to walk to the museum and take my camera with me. I put on my FIERCE Ani DiFranco T-Shirt, stating "Property of No One", *snap* and got ready to go. But... I didn't have the right necklace here. I wanted a rhinestone choker, but all of those are in the States. So, I pulled out some of my gorgeous quartz beads from Taxco, and snipped off some chain. A few minutes later, this is what I had.

Then I really wanted to round out the look with some big, hoop earrings. But... same situation. I wasn't as confident about this one. It'd been years since I really worked with wire. Since my BFF and I started a crafty business when we were teens. (God, we were so New Age- hand-wrapped crystals! How badass were we?) Anyway, I tried, and... I'm pleased to say, they aren't half bad!

This wire thing is opening doors for me. I've been thinking about it since.


I was feelin' my kuumba. The song "Around the Way Girl" by LL Cool J kept going through my head.