Sunday, January 24, 2016

Writing My Personal Mission Statement with Happy Black Woman

During the first ten days of 2015, I did some deep work.  

Even though I was enjoying my life, I knew there were areas where I wanted to improve.  Not all of the activities that had my full attention were contributing to moving my life toward what I wanted for myself.  So what was I supposed to do?  

I had already signed up for a business class to support my tutoring business, but I wanted to know how that fit into the grand scheme of things.  

So I took the time to do something for me.  I reflected, and I worked earnestly through an online class.  And it enhanced my life.  Greatly.

The class I am talking about is Happy Black Woman, Rosetta Thurman's Find Your Purpose: How to Develop a Personal Mission Statement and Create a Clear Roadmap for Your Life.

Sound appealing?  Well, it did to me, and I went ahead and purchased it even though I'd never purchased anything from her before.  This is the kind of thing that only works if you do it, but I can tell you, if you do it, it works.  

During the class, I became aware of my top 5 character strengths, evaluated my life and my satisfaction with it in four key areas, named my values, and crafted a mission statement.  (I didn't do the roadmap part, because I was working with another tool for that.)  

Honestly, out of the materials I purchased last year, this has provided the highest value to me personally.  Because Rosetta knows how to guide people through the process, if you take the 3-4 hours to fill out all of the materials, you will come up with a mission statement that is uniquely yours and uniquely you.

I put mine inside of my planner.  It is the page that marks "Today," so when I flip to the current week, I see my mission statement.  I read it every so often and remind myself of why I am here and what I should be doing.

I have not reached all of my goals yet, but I grew my leaps and bounds in 2015.  Participating in this workshop was not the only thing I did to work toward my goals, but it provided the foundation that kept me true to myself and focused on my personal purpose.

I am currently re-taking the workshop for 2016.  It has been interesting so see how I've grown over the past year, and how my priorities are changing as I have achieved some of my goals.  

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