Saturday, January 23, 2016

What is Mastery? Increasing My #Crochet Skills

Since I started teaching crochet again, I have been motivated to increase my crochet skills.  

A while ago I ordered the Crochet Master's Program from the CGOA, but I haven't finished it yet.  I am not sure what my hangup is, but I am hoping that this new burst of motivation will push me to fly through the program and get that Master's!

I think part of the reason I want to increase my skills is for the "License" to call myself a "Crochet Expert" or "Crochet Master."  What does one have to do or be to become an expert?  Well, with crochet, the lines are kind of fuzzy.  I've been crocheting for almost eight years.  Since 2008 I've crocheted almost every single day.  I am obsessed with crochet and if I am not doing it, I am thinking about it, or reading about it.  Crochet is interwoven into my life.

But does that make me an expert?  I don't know.

What are your thoughts on mastery?  Please let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me at artlikebread (at) gmail (dot) com.  As always, thanks for reading the blog!  Please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below.  If you liked this post, please share this post with a friend through social media and share your crafty goals & insights with each other! Like my Facebook page for updates and more crafty sharing!

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