Thursday, January 14, 2016

2 Methods on How to Make a Bookmark from Paper Clips & Washi Tape

Hey, Everyone! I just wanted to add this tutorial because it's a fun way to take a "coffee break" at work & it's useful.  I hope you enjoy it.  Also, if you make the craft, please share a photo on the Art, Like Bread Facebook Page!

Here's the overview.  Please share this image on Pinterest so you won't forget!

Materials:  Washi Tape, Paper Clips, Scissors

First Method

First, tear or cut off a piece of washi tape that is about the length of your pinky finger.  

Next, gently push the inner part of the paper clip to the side a bit (toward the open edge) so you can wiggle the tape under the continuous edge.  It will be a little sticky, but you can do it.  Then line up the edges of the tape so the front matches the back.  This creates your base flag.  If you don't fully match the edges, don't worry.  You can trim it later.

Next, cut your accent washi tape in half. Lay the accent tape over the base flag in a way that looks nice to you.  Then use scissors to trim the edges and make them look nice. 

If you want, you can angle the scissors in to cut out a "v" from the edge of your flag.  When you use your bookmark, the flag will hang out of the edge of your planner or book.

Second Method

Cut your pinky-finger-length of washi tape so that you have 2 pieces.  The goal is that you have a piece that will more easily go through the top of the paper clip.  I cut mine into 2/3 and 1/3 pieces.

Wiggle the 2/3 piece through the top of the paper clip so the flag will stick up from the paper.  Fold both edges over to meet each other.

Add your accent tape over the base flag on both sides in a way that looks nice to you.  When you use your bookmark, this flag will stick up from the top of the page or hang over the edge of your planner.

Clipping this business card in my planner will remind me to contact local designer Threads By Jenna on a certain day! (I LOVE her drawings!!)

This is what they look like inside of my planner.  See?  They really work!

Careful!  Making these bookmarks is addictive!  Have fun!

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