Monday, June 15, 2015

Mandalas: Coloring for Everyone Book Review & Giveaway

A mandala is a circle.  It's just that.  But there is something about them that makes them feel really special.  And coloring mandalas is an experience all its own.  Steven Vrancken wrote a beautiful article about the benefits of coloring mandalas on the website Mandala Coloring Meditation (see sources for link).  The act of coloring a mandala provides focus, relaxation, and the satisfaction of creativity.

Skyhorse Publishing has just released a set of four beautifully drawn, stress-relieving, coloring books for adults.  When they approached me to review one, I chose the beautiful Mandalas: Coloring for Everyone book!  They have also generously offered to give away a copy to one Art, Like Bread reader within the United States.  Read on for a book review, and more details!

I was instantly attracted to the idea of a simple craft - coloring - as a form of stress relief.  I adore the fact that mandalas were the subjects of the pictures.  Mandalas are associated with creativity, peace, and inspiration.  Who doesn't want that?  

The book I received, Mandalas: Coloring for Everyone, has 46 black and white designs to color.  One cool thing was that it also had some pages with different color combination suggestions and also some pages where you could try out your color combos and create a palette of sorts.  I appreciated that while coloring my own work.

I brought the book out on a casual date with my creative boyfriend.  We were at a very chill, earthy cafe listening to live music.  We were both inspired by the beauty of the drawings.  At first we both worked on the same one, which was romantic, but soon we each wanted to color our own!  (hehehe)  

One great thing about this book was that the pages are perforated so that we could color everything more easily, turn the pages around in circles to get the proper angles, and also each color our own work at the same time. 

Coloring the mandalas really was a fun and relaxing, kinda spiritual experience.  My boyfriend immediately told me he's going to get a coloring kit together for himself.  Not too bad, eh?  Coloring mandalas is a fantastic pastime and I totally recommend it!

Now - here are the details on how a lucky U.S. reader can win a copy of Mandalas: Coloring for Everyone to enjoy!  

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Thanks for reading, commenting, and entering the giveaway!  

Next week I will be offering two free downloads of pages of the book so everyone can try it!  

Thanks for reading, thanks for entering, and I'll see ya next week! 

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