Monday, December 8, 2014

Super Excited for Candy Bark for the Holidays!

It has come around to that time of the year again when I decide to make a holiday candy!  This is super-exciting because I just love the idea that I can actually cook something.  I'm kind of a clutz in the kitchen...  However, last year my holiday fudge came out wonderfully (at least one of the times that I did it)!

In fact, last year is the time when I got excited about baking and all the little things I could make.  Not surprisingly, this came from a crafting perspective.  I was in a Craft Store and there they have an amazing collection of cake decorating supplies.  I LOVE the idea of decorating cake pops, or even molding candy lollipops... I started getting all kinds of ideas!

Then I was listening to Melissa Clark Duncan on the Leonard Lopate podcast and she mentioned candy bark as a great and easy gift to give.  After years and years of gift giving, I've settled upon the notion that small consumables are both the very best gift to give in bulk for friends and acquaintances alike.  They are also a lot of fun because they are handmade and decorated by you.  

I also enjoy the process of making and packaging the stuff!  Since I spend an inordinate amount of time at The Container Store, I get plenty of inspiration for that over there!

Anyway, I have been enjoying my exploration of candy bark recipes and I will share the following blog posts over the next few weeks:

I hope you will join me for my sweet adventure!