Sunday, August 19, 2012

L.A, #Crochet, & Mommy Tips

Jennie & me before the wedding
 I am so lucky because I was able to take a moment out of my real life to quickly jaunt over to L.A. to see my dear friend Jennie get married to her longtime beau, Larry.  They both looked stunning at the ceremony and we all had a great time at the fun party!

Larry and Jennie after the wedding
   It was a wonderful vacation, because I also got to see some really good friends, like Erin, Jay, and Sebbie.

Me & my good pal, Sebbie
Did I tell you I moved to Miami?  Well, yeah, I did.  Even though I loved living in Mexico and teaching, I never expected to be there for more than 1-2 years.  Well, 4 years later, I'm back Stateside, and I'm so glad to be here!  The great thing about it is that I can pretty easily travel to visit friends!

Behold the crochet washcloth I gave to Jennie.  It was just a little giftie for her
The washcloth is an awesome pattern from The Crochet Dude.  (Sorry for my "creative photo editing.")I bought the All Washed Up ebook from Leisure Arts, and it's been a lot of fun making all of the washcloths.  This one, Finished with a Flourish, is my favorite for gifts because it looks so finely made and it's really very simple.  Here's a link to my other iteration of it. 

 I have been thinking about Mommy blogging.  Of course I can't do it, because I am not a mom, but I am fascinated by and in awe of the mothers out there who are raising their kids and blogging away all along.  I have been toying with the idea of "Auntie blogging," which would be blogging with mommy tips for the rest of us.  It would also include gift ideas for our friends who are moms and their babes.  I don't know. I think it's kind of cool.  We'll see how it goes. :)  Your thoughts?

Mothering is a VERB and I witnessed it first hand.  My dear friend Sebbie, who you see above, is the 20-month-old son of my BFF Erin.  Here are some tips I gathered from watching her going through her day. (Well, mostly just by watching her make dinner. hehe)

Erin's Home Solutions

Tip 1: Get your husband to squeeze the lemon. ;)
Tip 2: Use a fork to get at all of the juice inside of the pulp. 

Triple rinse your lettuce in a colander nested inside of a mixing bowl.
Quickly mix your salad dressing in the Magic Bullet.
Bonus: you can store it in the mixer with the provided covers.