Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In My Google Reader: Sarah London [+ free pattern download]

I don't remember how I became aware of Sarah London and her fabulous blog, but I am glad that I am!  Sarah's photos of perfect granny squares in fresh color combinations make me happy every time!  
image property of Sarah London
She seems to have a robust business going over on her blog.  She offers yarn kits, patterns, and even Nutrimetrics cosmetics on her site.  Sarah's based out of Australia, so to get some of the goodness from down under, check out sarahlondon.wordpress.com

I just about flipped last night when I noticed that Sarah is offering a great giveaway on her blog.  She's asking people to list their favorite American yarns on her blog and in exchange, she'll send out a free pdf pattern!  Her patterns usually cost $5.00 AUD, so that's a very generous offer.  I have purchased patterns from Sarah before and I can attest to their quality.  

Crocheters, be sure to add your link to i-Crochet, yet another of Sarah's wonderful projects.  I've added mine and have enjoyed learning about new bloggers and crafters.

You can still sign up for my Waking Up in the Land of Glitter giveaway until Aug. 11!