Friday, April 9, 2010

Future Plans & PRADA!!

I've been thinking about this blog and where it will go in the future. I don't like the idea of just abandoning it for months at a time - What a bad blogger I am! I love Art, Like Bread and I want to see it continue. So my goal is at least one post per month (with hope for more).

I believe I will find my camera this weekend, so more inspiration can be captured and recorded here. I've been really active over the years in bookmarking free projects and connecting to blogs that are completely inspiring to me. I have also been reading craft books and trying all kinds of new craft products. I hope to bring some reviews to all of you.

The most exciting thing I will be able to do this year will be opening my Etsy Store. The reason I haven't done it already is - THE POSTAL SYSTEM IN MEXICO SUCKS!! Once I get to the U.S. for the summer (3-4 weeks) I will (hopefully) be selling every day and posting some patterns for sale that can be emailed. We'll see how it goes! :D

I'm about to say goodbye to my sweet Spring Break, and my endless amounts of time to be totally crafty. So before I leave the internet for a while, I'll send you some inspiration which I found via Twitter @twistcollective . (It's PRADA knits on the runway!)