Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polluter No More!

Are you sick of that old car sitting on your lawn, just taking up space?

photo by

I mean, it's never going to run again. Tow trucks just cost too much.
Why not do what the artists from Farm Lab at Santa Monica's Bergamot Station did?

Turn that old car into a planter!
(Yes, they are artists, but not the artists!)

Think about it... It's the perfect way to turn a huge,
gas-guzzling pollution machine into a friend to the environment.

Be greeted by greenery instead of gas fumes!


This gives me an idea... take it a step further and grow edible plants in your car!

Driver-side foliage

It's a sun roof and a rain roof now.

A trunkful of goodness.

Although it was the first time I saw a car planter, apparently someone else had the same idea... Here's a similar post from Apartment Therapy. Trend? Learn more about the "Junker Garden" project at Farm Lab.