Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am getting on a yarn kick. Seriously. I never had any strong affinity to yarn, knit, or crochet before the supreme enabler, Sister Diane of Craftypod, got me interested in crochet through her fabulous podcast (which I dearly miss). So, I joined Ravelry, and on the day I got my invitation, I figured I had to post something, so I picked up a book and started to crochet.

Because I'm never without my ipod in my ears, and because I feel like I never listen to music anymore, I've been cruising through my podcasts, and even decided to subscribe to some more. This leads me to... the YARN THING! All I can say is that this podcaster, Marly, is the absolute bomb and she loooves knitting and crochet. It's serious. If you have even a passing interest in fiber arts, I highly recommend this podcast. She is so funny, enthusiastic, and nice. I love that she is unafraid to be herself and shares her insecurities as well as the good things going on in her life. She's also really supportive of other fiber artists and podcasters out there trying to make a contribution. Marly has definitely contributed to my obsession with fiber stuff and BOOKS. She loves books. It's just great to see someone out there who is exuberant and passionate about knowledge and crafts. Those are two qualities that I like to think I have, too. :o)