Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tips: Thank You Notes & Glitter Application

Okay, so I overmade my holiday cards this year. I had 130 people on my list, but not that many sent me their addresses. So now I've got pre-cut Christmas shapes. Since I'm still in the mood, I don't want to leave them alone until next year. By then they'll seem old anyway! So I'm going to use my holiday cards (especially those that don't say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays") as thank you notes for my gifts. What a perfect solution!

A particularly brilliant customer at my craft store gave me this tip for precise glitter application, and I had to share. To get the glitter just where you want it and nowhere else, simply clip a drinking straw on an angle to create a tiny "scoop" for your glitter. Sprinkle on sparingly and you're good to go. Very little excess is expended and therefore cleanup is easier, too! This is especially helpful for those tiny glitter viles that make it seem impossible to put the glitter back in.

Ugh. Off to "resume." I'd rather be crafting! (That'd make a great bumper sticker...)