Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Yes, I'm Back. And goals.

 Yes, I'm back. But did I ever go anywhere? 

I suppose that depends upon who you ask... I have been very active on my main social media outlet, which is Instagram. I post lots of stories, which to me are like curated, digital magazine tearsheets from this soul collager. I love it and don't ever want to stop! ✂

Now for the goals.

I want this to be an art review blog. It's something I am good at, and something I love. I can not tell you how much my soul aches to be in a museum and communing with art every single day. I am exhilarated by curation and I believe in the beauty of sharing art. 

So I'll be sharing art reviews here. Some will be from exhibits I have attended, and others will be from those I wish I could see. But they'll be here. And my goal. My real goal... Mmmm. I want to say I'll do it once a week. So I guess it'll be every Tuesday. You know that's a stretch for me on this blog. After all, it's been dormant for over 3 years, but I do really want this, so... Tuesday it is!

See you next Tuesday.