Saturday, November 30, 2019

Art Review: Artweek 2019 - Fall BFA Thesis Exhibition La Concha Happy Hour at FIU

In an effort to be more involved locally and support the work of up and coming artists, I am excited to welcome photographer Byron Gramajo to my team. 

He recently attended "La Concha Happy Hour," which was a student thesis exhibition at his school, Florida International University. The exhibit ran from November-December 2019, and featured various student artists, named below.

A Pearl is a Parasite: Sonia Royal, Shirley Chong, Elizabeth Pino, Karolina Eguino. I am afraid to own a Body: Iman Hassan, Allison Rapport, Yeinely Duran, Victor Barbero, Naomi Peguero. All FIU BFA candidates Fall 2019.
The exhibit was grouped into two categories: A Pearl is a Parasite, and I am afraid to own a body. 

Shirley Chong was part of the "A Pearl is a Parasite" portion. She created ceramic bowls and a meditation space, as seen below. In her piece, she connects with materials as well as the audience. There is a performance element. The audience becomes a co-creator with the artist. As they enter the space, they feel the space, and experience the feelings of calm. This experience is now something the audience holds with them. They leave transformed.

Shirley Chong, A moment, 2019, Terra Cotta Clay, Wood, Chamomile tea, photo @gramabyron.jpg

Shirley Chong, A moment, 2019, Terra Cotta Clay, Wood, Chamomile tea, photo @gramabyron.jpg
The complex artwork of Karolina Eguino is of particular interest. Her technique is to layer photographs atop one another. In this, she is creating a space where the past, present, and possible future exists simultaneously. 

Karolina Eguino, Untitled 1 (2019),  Untitled 2 (2019),  Untitled 3 (2019), inkjet prints, photos by @gramabyon.jpg
I am afraid to own a Body by Emily Dickinson, photo by @gramabyon.jpg

In the next section, artist Iman Hassan offers us a record of the natural world and a glimpse into natural order in this world that can appear chaotic. Each of the prints were selected for what they could offer to the paper. Which were willing to be fossilized, and which were uncooperative, insisting to pass through time on their own terms? 

Iman Hassan, Study of plants (2019), monoprints: black ink, paper, photo @gramabyron.jpg

It is an absolute honor and a pleasure to welcome Byron to my team. I am excited about his talent and knowledge of the art world. I am excited about what this collaboration will bring. If his sensitive coverage of this exhibit is any indication, then the sky is the limit.

If you would be interested in learning more about the local art scene in South Florida, please let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me at artlikebread (at) gmail (dot) com. As always, thanks for reading the blog!  

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