Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gratitude Craft: Sweet, Paper Succulent with Inspirational Quote DIY

I recently had a birthday and I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love I got from my coworkers. I didn't expect anything, really, but I knew that some departments really do up the birthdays. Therefore, when I got into work and saw my workspace decorated with streamers and balloons, I almost cried. But it didn't end there. At lunchtime, my coworkers brought me a tres leches cake with cherries on top! My sweet coworker also gave me a card. I just felt so appreciated and I was really very touched.

Since I started my new job it's been a bit of an adjustment. I don't have lots of time to blog or craft. To add to that scarcity, I also moved to a new apartment and that process has cut into my crafting groove. But I am the type of person who gets cranky when she's not creating regularly, so I decided to just craft slowly, step by step. And now I'm blogging about it to boot! Perhaps we're ushering a new era of Art, Like Bread.

Two of my sweet, paper succulents made with love for my coworkers.

2 1/4" by 3 1/4" Card printed on one side
Glitter Thickers
Black Pen
Paper Succulent Flowers
Double sided tape
Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups
Optional: Pencil and ruler


1. Personalize the front of your card with your recipient's name. I used a glitter thicker for the first letter of each name, and wrote out the rest in black pen.

2. Choose a quote that would be meaningful to your recipient. I used the website "Brainy Quote" and read through a lot of quotes until I found quotes that reminded me of what makes my coworkers special. Write the quote on the back of your card with attribution. (My cards had pre-printed lines, but you can draw lines on the back of your card with a pencil and ruler.)

3. Arrange each mini peanut butter cup so that the larger part is facing up.

4. Using double sided tape, affix each paper succulent flower to each mini peanut butter cup. You have made a sweet, paper succulent.

5. Using double sided tape, affix each sweet, paper succulent to the front of a card.

Your gift is ready to give!

The recipient can either leave the succulent as is, or eat the candy and then affix the succulent to the card as a keepsake!