Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Inspiration Abounds, and Well, Change Is Good

I love blogging.  Blogging is my hobby.  Blogging is so much a part of my life that I can't imagine my life without it.  I blog here, on Art, Like Bread.  


I blog there (at Crochet Spot). I've blogged over there (for Sheep Thrills), and I even blog there (for the Crochet Guild of America).  Before that I blogged on MySpace-remember?  ha!  And now I'm starting a new thing.  I'm blogging education (way over here).  I had been struggling about how to integrate education talk into Art, Like Bread, and found that it doesn't fully fit in just yet.  Although education is me - through and through - it is not really what you've come to expect from Art, Like Bread.  

I love the creativity of making lesson plans and the collaboration between class and teacher.  Teaching is infinitely rewarding and inspiring.  I adore teaching and above all, I respect and honor my students.  Now some of them are grown and I have seen them do incredible things.  The sense of pride I feel for them is beyond compare.  While I am still connected to education, my part time work as a tutor has not been enough to satisfy that part of my identity and purpose.  Therefore I am slowing down the crafting and craft blogging in order to focus upon finding more meaningful education work locally in Broward County, FL.  

I will by no means stop my crafting.  But I probably won't be sharing as much of it with you.  I'll be taking time off from Crochet Spot.  My blogging contract with Sheep Thrills has ended.  I will continue my monthly commitment with CGOA.  And whatever lands here on Art, Like Bread will be here for you to enjoy.  I hope you will keep in touch, and thank you.  

See ya around.

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