Saturday, January 30, 2016

Listen and Reflect: What is Beauty? #Podcast Link

Every single day, I listen to hours upon hours of audio content.  I love podcasts.  I listen to learn and to be entertained.

One podcast I listen to every so often is the TED Radio Hour by NPR.  This podcast gathers different TED talks by theme and weaves them together around a central topic or question.  The focus of this podcast was What is Beauty?  

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The reason I identified so strongly with this podcast is that some of the ideas that were brought up are some of the basic beliefs I hold and the driving force behind this blog.  I am greatly influenced by Roque Dalton line "I believe that the world is beautiful, and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone."  Dalton was a controversial Salvadorian poet.  He wrote with deep emotion and his words in this particular poem have rung true for me as a guiding statement in my life.  The mission of this blog is to share the beauty of the world and rejoice in life by making crafts.  I find beauty in every day things.

I want you to listen to the podcast for yourself, but I've also highlighted some quotes here to spark your creative minds into thinking about beauty.

One researcher asked, "Do we think beauty, or do we feel it?"

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"Beauty is not just for the imagination.  It actually is a way of transforming human behavior for the better." 

"We may
need beauty
to survive."

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