Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hand-drawn, Digitally Collaged Teacup

I have been enjoying watching and doing simple classes on Creative Bug.  They are video classes that are artistically shot to show the best angles for learning and they are taught by the heavy hitters in the craft industry.  

One class I am taking is called 31 Days of Drawing with Lisa Congdon.  There are 31 short videos (5 minutes or less), and in each one she shows you how to draw three of one thing.  January 1 was a tree.  January 2 was a teacup (but I did it on January 3!)  January 3 was really a chair, but I have chosen not to share my chair here!!!

Above is the raw teacup drawing and below is the digitally collaged version!

I'm pretty excited that I know how to do this.  I have never been confident in drawing but also I never knew how to digitally collage.  Now, after years of tinkering with it, I feel pretty proficient.  It's never too late to learn something new!

What did you create today?