Sunday, January 10, 2016

12 Links to Help You Craftily Organize Your Space

Today's creativity was about clearing my space - organizing what I have, and rediscovering stash & works in progress (WIPs).  

Do you think that organization is an art?  I'm not so sure, but it really does get my creativity flowing.  To celebrate my progress in organizing my space (and all of the good ideas that have come from it), I am linking to a dozen ideas to help you get organized in a crafty way!

All ideas (& more) can be seen on my Organiiiiize, yah✨Pinterest Board.  Click the picture to follow!

Organization for Craft Supplies

Organization for Necklaces

  • Katie Hagen created her Perfect Jewelry Storage solution by adding cup hooks to a wooden hanger.  Great for hanging on the wall or even in the closet!  

Organization for Desks & Drawers

Organization for Your Crafty Business

What part of your space or your life needs organizing?  I have a great interest in organization and would love to share more of it here on the blog if you're interested.  Let me know in the comments or contact me directly at artlikebread (at) gmail (dot) com.

As always, thanks for reading the blog!  Please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below.  If you liked this post, please share this post with a friend through social media & get to organizing ya space! Like my Facebook page for updates and more crafty sharing!

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