Thursday, November 15, 2012

On @CrochetSpot: Why #Crochet?

 I am excited to share some wonderful news with you. I was recently hired by Crochet guru, designer, and teacher Rachel Choi of Crochet Spot. I have been an admirer of the blog for years, so I applied for a staff position and was accepted! Exciting, right?

I adore Rachel for many reasons. Firstly, her love and passion for both the art and hobby of crochet simply shine through on her blog. I have been following her since she had only 3000 subscribers, but now she has over 16,000-for good reason. She routinely provides high quality patterns- both for free and sale! She also helps people to learn crochet and increase their skills through her instructional tutorials. She has a wonderful business model, and she pays it forward by hiring staff writers and pattern writers alike.

One extraordinary thing about Rachel is that she's pretty young. I am proud to tell you that she's in her early 20's and has already accomplished so much!

Is it any wonder that I wanted to work for her?

I am proud of my first post, entitled "Why Crochet?" If you have a moment, I hope you'll check it out. The stories in the comments are extraordinary. Artists, students, grandparents, artisans, and hobbyists are all chiming in to discuss why it is we all choose crochet. I've found it to be incredibly inspiring. :)

And finally, TONIGHT, I will be posting the winner of the amazing MUSIBATTY Mexican Bird Pendant! Woohoo!