Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun #September #Holidays and #Ideas!

Sugar skulls and lucha libre in the window in Evanston, IL

Hi, everyone!  I went to Paper Source in Evanston, IL with Crafty Mumu and I bought this really cute and useful 17-month calendar.  I really needed something to keep my blog organized.  I have had some pretty awesome calendars before, and this one is no exception.

and of course I added a little bling! * snap *

I was excited to pay full price ($12.95) for this calendar because it was exactly what I wanted.  I know I could have made my own, but I didn't want to!! hahaha!  I had neither the time nor inclination!

I did make a calendar back in the early days of Art, Like Bread, and maybe I should do a tutorial on it.  It's really cute.  If you are interested in a tutorial on that, please let me know. :)  You can comment below or even on my facebook page, or via twitter.  You could also email me at artlikebread(at)gmail(dot)com.  I can not commit to doing a tutorial right now, but the interest would motivate me! :) :)  I love my readers!

Guess which cool holiday is coming up in November!!!!
So here are the September holidays & the ideas I promised.  

Sept. 17 - Respect for the Aged Day (Japan) - Celebrate by crafting with your grandmother or an elder at a senior day care like the Regency Senior Day Care in Niles, IL.
Sept. 17 - Rosh Hashanah - Do you have a good crafting idea for Rosh Hashanah?
Sept. 21 - International Day of Peace - Celebrate by personalizing a t-shirt with permanent fabric markers. I use the ones from Tulip.
Sept. 22 - Autumnal Equinox - Take a nature walk and observe the leaves.  Write down any craft/creative ideas that sparks.
Sept. 26 - Yom Kippur - Do you have a good crafting idea for Yom Kippur?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog post. If you are a blogger, please leave your link! :)

Oh, and here's the picture and link to my previous calendar project from 2007! :) I didn't even have an acceptable digital camera then, and just scanned my projects!

A dear calendar I designed from a plain book. Calendar, you served me well.
Click the picture to see the inside!