Friday, July 27, 2012

The Games #Ravellenics Mass Cast On ... NOW!

If you read this blog, you're probably into all things crafty.  And if you're into all things crafty, you just may have heard about the Ravelympics DOH! Ravellenic Games.  (Google it)

Source: Ravellenic Games 2012 Group on (Free Login Required)

Here's a brief personal history of the Games Ravellenic~
  • Remembered all the fun everyone was having with the Ravelympics in 2008, through listening to podcasts about it, mainly the Savvy Girls Podcast!
  • Started a totally badass stitching team waaaay back in April, when the International Ravellenics Committee (IRC) got their group going again.  Name: Team Mexico Art Like Bread!!! ( free login required to view link)
  • Gathered prizes both to stay in Mexico with a majority of the team, and to bring to the United States to be shipped all over the world for the fearlessly flying fingers of this wonderful team!
  • Was all WHAAAT? about the crazy United States Olympic Committee (USOC) debacle, which thankfully, is completely behind us!
  • Changed all my tags to reflect the beauty of the Ravellenics!
  • Got all my projects and materials together to be ready for the big moment!
  • Waited impatiently for this very moment!

Pen, hook, or needle in hand. Be with us! (image source: Pinterest)

What I'm gonna do~
  • Start by frogging (ripping apart) old projects
  • Posting to my Ravelry project page & the Team Mexico Art Like Bread thread for all to see!  ( free login required to view links)
  • Try to post here, there, and everywhere about my up to the minute progress. #ravellenic, #ravellenics, #ganchitos
  • Lead the team to VICTORY in achieving our personal best!
Freedom #Ravellenics #Ravellenic Games #Letsdothis!! Image Source: Pinterest