Tuesday, July 3, 2012

358 Days to #Crochet a Granny Square Blanket

Ask the Ganchitos.  They'll tell you that I started this vintage 12-Square Blanket because it was only twelve squares.  In my group I'm notorious for quick projects and big hooks.  I'm always impatient to finish! Maybe one day I'll make a sweater that is really beautiful like Jimena's projects, but in the meantime, I've only made one full sweater, and that was a disaster!

But anyway, I started this project and I just kept working on it. It was a stash buster but then I ended up buying some yarn just for the blanket, which ended up being too big, so... Well, you get the idea.  Before I recount the entire 358 days, let me just show you the beautiful blanket!

The first squares!

One of the middle squares

The last square!

Laid out in the best color arrangement

First two strips joined, last two strips rolled and ready for stitching!

Bottom two strips joined. One seam to go!
12 Squares of Happiness!
I have a unique feeling of accomplishment and making something awesome that I can enjoy for years to come.  It's hard to describe this feeling.  It's definitely different from doing smaller projects.  And this afghan is beautiful.  It is truly joyful and so pretty. I love it!