Monday, November 14, 2011

What My (Famous) Stitching Group Made

I love sharing photos of the work of my wonderful stitching group! I adore all of them. Each one of us has a different forte when it comes to yarn crafting, so we love getting together and sharing what we do.

By the way, we are famous, as we were recently mentioned in the Holiday Collector's Issue of Vogue Knitting.  :)  (Yes, still excited!) 

Dvora is teaching her friend to knit. 
Hooray for new crafters!
I cast on some broomstick lace.
You can check on my progress on the "Il Pleut" Ravelry Project Page.

Are you impressed yet? Yes, that is about 8 active needles you see there.
David makes the most complex projects on the tiniest needles.  He makes the most beautiful knit amigurumi and is fascinated by crafts of all kinds.  

And he taught himself tatting.  I know. Totally cool.  (These are tatting shuttles, by the way.)
Jimena's fine handiwork has resulted in a beautiful sweater. 

Angeles is a whiz at free-form crochet.
I love my crafting friends!!