Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nationwide Yarn Crawl - #Yarn Store Review Series

Yes, folks, you read that correctly. I've scoured the United States to find you the most luscious, gorgeous, colorful, beautiful yarn, and bring it to you right here on Art, Like Bread. 

(I know, right?)

Welllll, on this blog we believe in honesty, we believe in accuracy, and we believe in telling the whole truth.  Soooo, I guess I should tell you that I really went to all these places for various other reasons, but while I was there, I made a specific point of going to the yarn stores, checking everything out, and taking lots of good pics for the purpose of blogging.  

I just realized that I really have gone coast to coast, so you can look forward to the Nationwide Yarn Crawl series.  You'll see reviews of local yarn stores, a big box store, a desert trading post, and a trade show booth from locations as diverse as Massachusetts, Chicagoland, Arizona, and Washington State. 

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Please link back to & I'll add your review to the crawl!
If you want to add a review of your favorite yarn haunt, or somewhere exotic you've visited, please, by all means, grab a button, link back, and let me know!  I'll link back on the blog.  Here's a template for your blogging convenience. :)  You don't have to go into all of this detail, but the template's here if you want it.

Nationwide Yarn Crawl Template

Where It Is: Web Address, Address, What's it like over there?
Type of Store: local yarn store (LYS), big box, or other
Standout Yarn: Your favorite brands, colors, etc. that can be found there
Classes/Events: What have they got going on? Did you take a class or attend an event? How was it?
Sit & Crochet?  Do they have space in which to craft right in the store?  Please describe.
Service:  Are they helpful? Do they know about yarn & tools? 
Tools:  What kinds of hooks & needles have they got?  What other cool gadgets have they got there?
Goodies:  Do they have project bags, sticky notes, buttons, or other crafty notions?
Unique Features:  What makes this store cool enough to blog about?  

And, please, include pictures!