Monday, July 11, 2011

Spotted: Sculptural Crochet to Wear and Share with Mirtooli

So one day I was clicking around Ravelry, and browsing shared projects in the Cyber Crochet of CGOA* group.  I was impressed by a lot of beautiful projects with interesting color combinations, lovely yarn choices, and innovative interpretations of the patterns.  I was finding new pattern sources, and being inspired by the impeccable stitches of my peers.  But the crochet buzz paused for a moment when I clicked on the next project.  The sound of my iTunes stopped for a minute as I stared, dumbfounded, into my computer monitor.

Squid Head by Mirtooli

I know, I'm so dramatic, but seriously! Have you ever seen anything like this before.  Happily, I noticed that the crochet artist, Mirtooli (how cool!?), has a web page! 

I love crochet as an art form, because you can make ANYTHING you want from just yarn and a hook.  Crochet is sculptural while maintaining comfort and accessibility.  The work of Mirtooli is a perfect embodiment of that assertion.  Her work is no less than art.  Her art is magical, fun, lovable, and comforting.
I sent a quick message to my new idol (to ask if I could feature her here), and she responded right away, sending me a free pattern (how sweet!), and links to her other websites (how cool!).  

Not surprisingly, I learned that Mirto Golino has lived an interesting, international life, pursuing art and different forms of education.  She's a Mass Art almuna (Go Massachusetts State Colleges!), and her parents taught her the bohemian lifestyle full of joy and travel. 

If you're ever in Berkley, CA, you could stop by her studio, and check out her mixed media art, sculptures, and crochet work.  But until then, keep checking her crochet website, where you can drink in her beautiful, yarny creations and even crochet one yourself!  I'll be making the two-pointed hat she gifted me, as well as the beautiful scarf pattern that appears on her website for free. 

*CGOA stands for Crochet Guild of America