Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Gift for Dad

Father's Day is coming on June 19th.  What are you making for your father?  Here's an idea.  My dad got this for Christmas, but it would totally work for Father's Day.  Everyone knows that the best gifts are the handmade ones.  If they are recycled/re-purposed, even better!

Dads like to be stylish and clean while smelling good.

 It's one of those toiletry bags they give you on the airplane.  Just waiting to be personalized.

In progress!
 I cut out letters from cardstock and outlined them in pencil before coloring them in with a sharpie.  I had to clip the bag to my lap desk for security. It worked perfectly.

I free-handed a couple of spades because Dad loves poker.
 Keeping with the card theme, I whipped out the yarn stash and hook and went to it.
I love how the colors look.  The shape?  Well...

Oops! This started out kind of even...

Looking better.

Perfect! Dad will never know!

 The gift bag

For the gift bag- cover up the silly names!  Dad doesn't like "Poopsie's" shoe store.  ;)

Perfect with the color scheme and the card motif.

I taped it closed with some sparkly tape.  I'm finding all kinds of uses for that!

And I also covered the name and address of Poopsie's.  Sorry, Poopsie! 

All in all, I was really proud of the project, and Dad loved it!