Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Expo Manualidades Y Merceria, Mexico City

Hey, y'all!  I visited the Expo Manualidades Y Merceria in Mexico City.  It is a semiannual event where all of the crafting giants come out to play.  There is shopping, classes, and tons of inspiration.  This time it was really special, because I went with 4 other yarn buddies! 

The yarn buddies and I spend quite a while admiring this sample from Rebecca Pick.
Before I felt like I was always trying to get people to join a stitchy meetup but it never worked out.  Somehow, by a miracle of timing, we've formed a core group of true yarnaholics who want to meet on a regular basis. :) Hooray!

The Expo was not a normal stitch meeting, yet it was a very special event for all of us. 

I'm seeing more and more crochet + knit hybrids!
So, what did we see at the Expo?  For starters, quite a bit of YARN!  Of course we are yarn-minded, so we made a beeline directly to Rebecca Pick's booth.  There was LOTS of inspiration there.  I adore Rebecca Pick's booth because she always has a new idea.  She always has sample upon inspiring sample to adore, and she herself is always there!  She's such a nice woman and I love chatting with her.  She was sweet enough to allow me to take pictures of her samples and share them with all of you.  If you're interested, check out this video.  There's lots of inspiration there.

My other favorite booth is Filati Estambres. They just have a huge booth, which is like a temporary store set up right in the Expo. It’s really well-designed. They have every color and type of yarn that Filati makes right there. It’s really the best Filati experience because when you go to their stores, they don’t always have all the colorways. They sell myriad tools and instructional DVDs. They also employ teachers who can teach you a new technique for free with purchase of yarn and tools.

The yarn only cost 210 pesos in total.
That's my haul from the Filati Booth this time.  Not bad, eh?  It all cost less than 270 Mexican pesos, which is about $23.00 USD.  Not bad at all!

This magazine was 60 pesos.
The next Expo will be in October, just in time to get ready for Christmas. :)