Monday, April 4, 2011

Attention, Yarn Snobs

There's nothing wrong with loving expensive yarns that were cultivated in exotic locales and are hand-painted by rustic artisans.  I love those yarns.

By the same token, there's a lot to love about Red Heart.  Yes, I said it. 
Well, look at it.
Using the brand new e-book, Fashion Forward by the Double Stitch Twins for Red Heart, and my stash, I made a totally cute, versatile, and comfortable shrug using 100% acrylic.  It's cute, isn't it?  Here's my Ravelry page about the project.

I love the e-book, and at $4.99, it's very affordable for 10 patterns.  Bravo to Red Heart for signing the Double Stitch Twins.  Now we fans get their patterns for much less money AND they're all done in economical yarn!

I know this shrug is going to last.  I plan to launder it in a garment bag in the gentle cycle and air dry it.  This will reduce pill formation and prolong the life of the garment.  I think I see more of these shrugs in my future.

To see what else Erika and Monika are up to at Red Heart, check them out here