Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stash Busta!

(OK, so it's not Busta Rhymes, but doesn't it seem like he could be?)

I have been STASH BUSTING.  How, you ask?

Well, first I pulled out all of my yarn, works in progess, and unfinished objects out of their various and sundry hiding places. 


Then I photographed all of them and uploaded the photos.

image from raverly.com
 Then I added them to the best social network ever, Ravelry.

Yes, I had Malabrigo in my stash. Yum.
Then I started crocheting seriously hard- finding patterns and substituting yarns.

 So far, so good!

Where will this all end?  I´m not exactly sure if I will sell my remaining stash or start to rebuild, but for right now, it feels good to use what I have.