Friday, September 10, 2010

What's New at Palacio?

In Mexico City we have a department store called Palacio del Hierro, which I think means "Iron Palace".  You can find everything from perfume to furniture to gourmet foods there.  Then there's Casa Palacio, which is located in Antara, is strictly for furniture and accents, and is FRICKIN' EXPENSIVE!

It had been a while since I'd visited either store, so I brought my camera along to see what was up. 

At Palacio del Hierro I spied a nature lamp, which looked gorgeous and elegant.

To make this, I would take some branches, christmas lights, floral tape, and paper shapes and go to town.  (Free idea! Please link back to!) But it's a great idea.  I'd never seen this before.

There was also an interesting display made of paper cones that were burned around the edges.  I noticed my photography doesn't do it justice.  It looked very cool as a store display.  I love it when they use paper creatively!
Can you see how cool it is in the photo?

Then on to Casa Palacios, which should be named "Just Pay with Your First Born".  There I found inspiration galore!

This gives new meaning to string art.
This piece is begging me to hack it.  How easy!

The price?
It's in pesos, but still!  It's almost $300 USD!

I think the buyers had a thing for pendant lamps.  These are fab!

Bring the outdoors indoors.  ;)
Just a couple of smart accessories.  Isn't this glass piece interesting?

These pillows reminded me of a coral reef.  They change color with perspective.  Very cool.

This can be done DIY.  The light fixture combines unpredictability with structure.  I thought the touch of neon was interesting with the chunky, white ceramics.  It was 80s but updated and improved upon.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our little tour through just one of Mexico City's house ware empires. I was inspired.  I hope you are, too.  :)