Monday, August 30, 2010

CHA Chicago 2010: LIMIRI's Quick Snippers

Remember what your math teacher told you when you were approaching a problem?  
Step one: simplify. 

So after I got home from CHA where I met the wonderful women of LIMIRI, LLC and became acquainted with their clever product, I simplified.  I sold about 20 pairs of patterned scissors at a garage sale.  


Because I can do my patterned edges with one sleek little cutting tool, the LIMIRI Quick Snippers.  To see the patterned edges included in the tool, check out

Let's admit it, we as crafters can acquire lots of stuff!  Over time this stuff accumulates and we get overwhelmed.  That's why I've been looking to pare down in different ways, including finding small tools that can do many different things. 

Miriam & Lisa of LIMIRI, LLC

When I met Lisa and Miriam at CHA, I instantly got along with them.  They are two best friends who had a great idea and had the courage to make it a reality and bring it out into the world.

You should really check this tool out!  I'll be reviewing it here on the blog as soon as my Quick Snippers arrive!