Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paper Craft with Kraft Dinner

This attractive desk organizer used to be three macaroni & cheese boxes. Yes, really. Here's what to do.
This organizer is strong and has lasted for over two years already!

1. With a box cutter or sharp scissors, cut the boxes down to size. The biggest box wasn't cut down. Only the flaps were cut off.

2. Using paper-safe glue or double-sided adhesive, cover each box with coordinating scrapbook paper, almost as though you were wrapping a present. In order to make the tops look finished, clip the corners in a "V" formation, fold the flaps over, and secure the flaps with masking tape or Japanese craft tape.

3. Line the boxes up in descending order. Using ample amounts of paper-safe glue or double-sided adhesive, adhere each box to the other.

4. To secure boxes, tape the bottom with long pieces of masking tape.

5. For additional security, adhere a ribbon around the perimeter of the desk organizer using double-sided adhesive or fabric glue.

VARIATION: Use a differently-shaped box for a paper and card organizer.

Line the inside with paper as well.