Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trend-Watching at Antara, Polanco

So I took a little time to visit Antara in Polanco. For the uninitiated, Antara is a swanker than swank mall. Whenever I go there, I just eat or shop the cheap stores! They have some very high-end stuff there. My first night in Mexico City, the concierge at the hotel recommended it to us. :( I was disappointed because it didn't seem very different from what I'd already seen in Miami. But I have come to appreciate the beauty of the architecture (which is excellent!) and, of course, the fabulous window displays.

These bougainvillea (thanks, Niki) are all over the city. They are so beautiful, especially
when they have fallen on the pavement.

I love the checkerboard effect made with plants.
They pay attention to details in design at Antara.

This made me miss New York.

And now, to the window displays.

First, BLOOM!

I like the retro and modern counterpoint. The cut-out background nods to current trends in design without being to frilly. I never thought I'd say this, but I am getting sick of flourishes!

For those who sew, this bag is totally hackable. Go for it!

The dress is flawlessly styled, and the clutch adds just the right
pop of color without being obnoxious.

Beats air guitar.

Around the corner we go!

Great for summer and highly hackable. I may give this one a go.

Next, GUESS!

Although there was much more, I was most inspired by the t-shirts.
I was looking for hackable stuff.

Love the grey number.

Get the batik look by using bleach to paint on your shirts. Here's a tutorial from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar, and a more advanced technique from Phelyx on eHow.

This brings the necklace-on-the-t-shirt trend to another level.

And finally, RAPSODIA!
The store was beckoning me in, but I didn't have time to explore.

I have noticed various blogs about creating decorative pennants.
Here's a good tutorial from Genevieive Gail.

This is gorgeous, but not any easy hack unless you like tatting.
(Don't you love the confetti?)

Just loved the way this was styled. Casual chic.

Thanks for reading! I enjoy sharing my finds with you!