Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crafty Horizons

Image from a friend, A.N. (All rights reserved)

I'm in the beautiful limbo between full-on school and full-on vacation. That means I'm paid to plan during these next two and a half weeks. That means I have no grading to do. That means - I HAVE TIME TO CRAFT! Whooh!!
  1. I will be busting out my sewing machine to make all the crafty sewing projects that have so eluded me over the past year. I'm psyched about that one, people!!
  2. I will apply to Fusion Craft Bazaar with my crafty wares and hope that they accept me.
  3. I will look into all the online sites for selling crafts and see what makes sense for me. If one works, I'll go for it.
  4. I will be loading up blog posts to sustain me during the busy times. I hope this one works out.
  5. I will be returning to paper crafting, especially with the free online class by Jessica Sprague.
  6. I will be looking into ways to update and enhance my blog.

Image from

My real summer project is to learn photoshop. I was lucky enough to get a version of it when I got my computer. I used it to overlay text on my photo for my header. That was pretty intuitive. Wish me luck!