Friday, May 21, 2010

Trend-Watching in Mexico City

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Before I came to Mexico City, I was told that the craft scene here was basically nonexistent. The person who told me that could not have been more wrong. True, I see stuff here that I find tacky, but there is unending inspiration and hot new trends. There is also an enthusiastic and passionate crafting community.

One woman who really tuned me into the scene here was Jenn of the Unique Paper Gifts and {Abracabento} blogs. Last year we crafted, made plans, and trend-watched on the internet and at the Expo. She's the one that I know I can show my handmade items to and she'll really appreciate them.

Another good friend told me all about the Fusion Bazaar in Condesa, which is a juried craft show in one of the most trendy neighborhoods in Mexico City. After I attended last December, I wanted to apply, yet I am still not sure I could spring for the hefty table fee. Ah well, attending the fairs is inspirational and free.

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In fact, I discovered the crochet goddesses fulanas at Fusion in December. They are very creative and fashion forward. Their work is hand-crocheted in THREAD, and their main motif is a simple circle. The workmanship is top-notch. Their use of color is sublime. Check out their feature in inkult magazine.

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I love their designs and wanted to buy everything. I did make off with a great yellow bracelet.

This year, Jenn couldn't join me at the 19th annual Expo Merceria y Manualidades at the World Trade Center, but I went! Waaah! I still can't find my camera, but I carefully memorized all of the trends and took notes (in the form of text messages to Jenn!)

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In October, Jenn and I can kick off our 10/10/10 birthday celebration with the Expo Manualidades y Navidad (Craft & Christmas Expo), also at the World Trade Center.

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