Monday, June 1, 2009

Public Art at the Anti-Mall

On my recent trip to L.A., baby, my dear friend was nice enough to bring me to all of the awesome malls that help make Southern California famous.

These photos were taken at the "Anti-Mall". I guess it's just a cool gimmick for people who don't want to admit they like the mall? I don't know, but I definitely enjoyed the public art there. These are from a mosaic wall. It looked like lots of different people contributed. I bet they had fun smashing the dishes.

Then they got all peaceful.

A serene fountain and seating area. I don't know.
There was something beautiful about it.

How beautiful are these bottles?

These were inside of the Gypsy Den Cafe. I love the U.S. for its good coffee and this place has great service, too. Awesome menu. It was very enjoyable. It reminded me of the Helsinki Cafe in Great Barrington, MA. *sigh*