Saturday, June 6, 2009

El Expo Recap - Crafty Icon Revealed!

To be honest, I was intending to do an individual post on each of the stands I visited at the Expo two weeks ago. I decided that might be overkill. I'd like to show you some of the highlights- pictures to show the work and supplies I appreciated.

Yarns of Color at the Omega Booth

Circular looms like this one were all the rage at the Expo.
The tube shape is definitely a trend in Mexican fiber craft.

Hairpin lace at the La Rueca booth. Hairpin lace is an upcoming challenge for me. I wish I had a book to help me learn, but I'll have to settle for internet tutorials for now.

This open-weave crochet at La Rueca reminded me of Double-Stitch!

Need any paper to scrap your 1980s photos? Decor Crafts has got you covered.

And there was plenty of stuff like this... (It's safe to say this was not my favorite booth.)

But this was!

The Rebecca Pick booth was full of fresh, stylish designs in beautiful colors. This is just a quick example of her gorgeous designs. Check out all of the crochet motifs on the left!

And my crafty partner in crime, Jenn, and I were able to meet Ms. Pick herself. We were starstruck. (Yes, she is as nice as she looks!) Great necklace, too.