Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow! Check out that mouse!

I'm just so stylish that I happen to have the latest designer wireless mouse from HP and Vivienne Tam, courtesy of Morningside Mom! This talented and accomplished blogger held a contest a while ago, and I won! Well, because I tend to have stuff sent to the US and just pick them up when I get there, I didn't meet this mouse until I visited LA last month. So- this post is late, but it's not the latest I've ever been with a post. :o)

If you haven't visited Morningside Mom yet, you really should. She's an insightful, intelligent, engaged citizen of the world. Oh! And she's up for an award as the Best Local Blog in Tampa. You should visit this site daily until July 15, 2009 and click on Morningside Mom. Why not?

Thanks for the opportunity, Caro, and thanks for the mouse, too.
"you like me. you really like me."