Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do You Love DoubleStitch?

Who are DoubleStitch?
Are you serious?

They are only the coolest, sweetest, and most talented crocheting twins out there! Erika and Monika Simmons have an amazing book, titled Doublestitch: Designs for the Crochet Fashionista, which I picked up at a craft fair in Chicago. Oh, did I mention that THEY SIGNED IT? :o)

This is me and them! They're so nice!

If you are sick of frumpy crochet designs, or spending $18.00 a skein on yarn for a pattern that requires 9 skeins, then check their book out! They use the mesh design quite a lot, making the designs versatile, easy, and quick. They also use normal, affordable yarns. How refreshing! This is a case where the finished product really looks like a garment that would have cost much more if you'd bought it in a store. And you don't feel like these take forever to complete. You can be wearing your amazing new garment in a week or less.

There is so much to tell about DoubleStitch. I am sure I can not fit it all into one post. Therefore, I'll leave you now with my version of their "Versatile Spring Wrap," which I learned to crochet from one of their free videos on the Virtue Radio Network. I did one up for myself and one for Mom. Of course, you can make these up in any color to go with any season. There are many ways to wear it!!

Wrap skirt front^ and back.

Cover-up front^ and side.

Capelet front^ and back.