Saturday, August 2, 2008

Book Review: Plexi Class

Plexi Class: Cutting-Edge Projects in Plastic
by Tonia Davenport

Jewelry out of plexiglas?
What is plexiglas anyway? How would one work with it? Do I need all kinds of new tools?

All reasonable questions, no doubt. Before I read Tonia's book, I had almost all of these questions and more. I actually knew what plexiglas was already. How could I have been born and raised in the "plastics capital of America" and not know about plexiglas? But never in my wildest imagination did I think that I might use it for jewelry. Until now.

Tonia states on the back cover, "All you need are a few simple tools and materials to get started." Hmmm. Could that be true? As I read the "tools" section, I realized that as an avid rubber stamper and jewelry maker, I already had the vast majority of what she suggested the reader use to get started! Okay, maybe she didn't have me at, "Hello," but now I'm warming up to this book!

The technique section was simple, too! Wow! This is going to be a lot easier than I thought!

And with finished products looking like this:
It's definitely worth learning a new technique and medium!

Tonia's book has 29 projects (some with variations), and the instructions are clear, and well-written. I haven't had a chance to try the projects yet, but some family members can be sure to get cool new jewelry like this:

(Okay, you can stop drooling, Mom!)^

I love the use of shape. ^This has some fun techniques in it, too.

This is a lot easier than it looks!^

Huh? A notebook, too?
This project^ takes an ordinary notebook to a new level.
So personal and more durable, too.
It definitely got my creative neurons firing!

Readers can work on Plexi Jewelry, Plexi Accessories, and be inspired by the Plexi Gallery in the back of the book. And just in case you're not completely sold on Plexiglas, the book also contains a project featuring vinyl and one featuring shrink plastic. You can . . .e a s e. . . your way into Plexi Crafting.

The avid crafter would love this book, as you can amaze your friends with your professional-looking projects that will have people asking, "How did you do that?" Even someone who's an advanced beginner in jewelry making can pick up some valuable techniques. Even if you're just a sucker for jewelry or mixed media, this is some super eye-candy.

And, BONUS! There's a free project from the book now on! You may need to sign up for a free membership in order to access the project, but it's sooo worth it! You can purchase your own copy of Plexi Class at Also, take a minute to visit Tonia Davenport's blog for more gorgeous finished objects. Fuuun!

copyrighted images from the book used with permission