Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Rad, Recycled Magazine Holder

You wanna know what really sucks? Not having recycling in your neighborhood. Even so, I've always found a way to recycle, usually by driving my stuff to some recycling center in the town.

If anyone out there knows how to recycle in Mexico City, let me know, because I'm really unhappy about throwing away recyclable materials! I've even taken to hording jars, boxes, and various containers in my craft room, with the promise of making them into something useful. I have a few really cool ideas up my sleeve, at least one of them entirely original! But for now, I'll show you a decked-out version of something I found in an issue of ReadyMade Magazine.

It's a Corn Flakes box covered by scrapbook paper from my stash.
I just cut it down to size, reinforced the edges, and went crazy with the glue stick.
It says "pass the time." hahaha.