Friday, July 25, 2008

Heart It Forward Challenge!

I t F o r w a r d . . .

I was so lucky to have won the "Heart It Forward" challenge, which I heard about on Lisa C.'s A Bead A Day blog. Lisa made a beautiful bracelet, which I received, along with a pretty collection of beads, and a mystery book, which I will be reviewing on this site next week! I was incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of care that Lisa put into the gift. Thank you so much, Lisa!!

I thought and thought about what I wanted to make, and finally I came to the conclusion that I want to do some really cute cards, as I was recently reunited with a lot of my papercrafting supplies after my trip to Chicago. One of my favorite stamp series is "Doodle Factory." I purchased mine at SunSpirit Studio, but it looks like they're no longer carrying them there. I used the

"creatures" and

"animals" sets.
Doodle Factory images via
You can buy them at

So I made these great cards, featuring creatures and animals from the Doodle Factory.

Two have "Numnum" (the monkey with cookies), stamped in brown, colored in, and mounted on patterned craft-colored paper. The card is pink, and has (what else?) a heart in the corner. The inside says: "Hello".

Two have "Twinkx" (the big-eyed stripey guy with a crown), stamped in red-orange kaleidocolors, colored in, and mounted on shimmery red cardstock. The card is white and has a heart on the inside, next to the message, "Happy Birthday".

Two have "Pip & Oggy" (the birdies), stamped in kaleidocolors blues, colored in, and mounted on a green scalloped circle. Below the image, there is a small, scalloped hole. Through the hole you can see a heart, which is on the inside of the card. The inside message reads: "From the Heart".

Here are the rules set forth on Tonia Davenport's blog about the "Heart It Forward" contest/challenge.

"...if you agree to receive this, you promise to then create something yourself, from the heart, that you will then offer to the first commenter on your blog, after explaining the "rules" in a post of your own. What you make with the intention of giving away does not have to be jewelry. It can be anything--something sewn, something baked, something written- -whatever. Anything that you put the spirit of giving into and a piece of your heart."

As part of the "Heart it Forward" contest/challenge, this card set is up for grabs to the first person to make a comment on this blog post.

Once you make your comment, I'll let you know you have won and get your address so I can send it to you. I'll also throw in a few other bits of papery goodness to sweeten the pot.

Thanks for playing!