Saturday, June 7, 2008

Puebla, where they craft in the streets

My sister and I took a weekend in nearby Puebla, Puebla.
Right off the bat, I was immediately impressed by the crafty stores there. In fact, I purchased a lot of awesome crafty supplies there!!!

These mariachis were very lively, loud, and good!^
We saw them among the many restaurants and shops in the Zocalo.

And, as I've learned is very common in Mexico,
there were plenty of vendors selling wares on the street.
The only thing that was different, was that people were actually
on the streets, too!

These are my kind of people!
a beader^

a handbag designer^

Food-wrapper handbags ^ (which are common here).
These go for upwards of $100.00 in the USA!

Bottlecap earrings^

Dozens of hand-knit finger puppets!^ Soo cute!
(Can you find spongebob?)

Simple ribbons and beads into beautiful bracelets.^

Okay, Bijou, time to go!^

Hey my crafty friends,
be like a Pueblana and
craft in the streets!!